Jawdah molds and spare parts factory can produce a lot of various types of customized products,
we can start from any process stage if our customers have an idea or drawing. If the customer has final product sample we can make a full reverse engineering process to cover all our customers’ demands

Mold Maintenance

In JAWDAH we are providing Mold Maintenance Service to the
 clients with very good quality. This service is done under the
 observation of our expert professionals technicians who have
 very big experience in their specialized field and well familiar
 with modern tools and techniques. Mold Maintenance Service is
 accomplished within the customer time frame to help them in
 re-running their production Processes at the nearest time.


Mold Modification

Just because your product requirements have changed doesn’t
 mean you have to build an entirely new mold. We can perform
 any modification on your existing component to meet your new
 criteria, saving you money on mold development costs. If it’s a
 functional change or needs to add or change some mold parts,
 our services will help you improve your product without any high
 production costs typically related to a design change.

Heat Treatment Service

Vacuum heat treatment furnace thermal efficiency is high, which
 can realize the rapid heating and cooling, which can realize no
 oxidation and decarborization, carbonizing, can remove
 phosphorus crumbs on the surface of the workpiece, and has the
 effect such as degreasing degassing, to achieve the surface
 brightness purification effect.

We can make hardening for material such as 1-D2, H-13, 4140.