DryWalls Suspension Systems

Jawdah Industrial Co. Ltd. manufactures high-quality DryWalls suspension systems for Gypsum ceilings & Walls (Partitions), along with all the required suspension accessories, all material is produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel (Anti-rust).
All our suspension system items are made to meet the highest standards along with hanging accessories to ensure structural integrity


  • Furring Channel
  • C-Channel
  • L-Angel
  • Runner
  • Runner
  • Stud
  • Stud
Features and Benefits:
  • Corrosive resistance, humidity resistance.
  • Safe, fast and simple to install & easily accessible.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Product Specifications
Material Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron comply with
American ASTM A653M, According to
EN ISO 6270-2 ,BS 476 Part 6 – 1989,
BS 476 Part 7 – 1997. ASTM 644
Thickness 0.35 0.4 0.45 0.5 0.6 up to
0.9 mm
other thickness available upon request
Fire Rating
(Raw Material)
Fire propagation as per British Standard
BS 476 Part 6 – 1989. Surface Flame
Spread test Class 1 as per British
Standard BS 476 Part 7 – 1997. Fire
reaction class A1..
Resistivity Corrosive resistance/humidity resistance.
Offers appropriate load carrying capacity
for boards.
Humidity Resistance
(Raw Material)
Humidity resistance up to 1000 HRS
According to EN ISO 6270-2.

Installation of Gypsum plasterboard for both ceilings and partition walls.

System Contents (Components)

For Ceilings:

  • Omega / C-Channel / L-Angle
  • Accessories


For Walls:

  • Stud & Runner.
  • Accessories


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